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STORM LAKE (KTIV) — Rocket League, Apex Legends, and Overwatch. These are just a few of the games played within the new Esports program at Buena Vista University.

“In a way we made history, for not only the program, but the school,” said Tanner Frost, BVU Senior.

Even though the Buena Vista University Esports Arena has only been up and running since September, the program has already put on different game nights and competed in several tournaments.

Tanner Frost, a senior at BVU, said the program is new, but it’s constantly improving.

“It’s new for the whole university and a lot of the people involved. So, the more we do it, the better we get, the more people we attract. And really, it’s progressing very, very well and as it stands, we’re setting ourselves up for a lot of success in the near future.”

And while Frost is a player in the Esports program, he is also able to tie in his digital media major by helping broadcast tournaments.

Frost recently helped broadcast BVU’s first in house Super Smash Bros. tournament.

“I think it’s great that we are integrating the program, evolving it as rapidly as we are. And I’m taking the opportunity to not only broadcast, but play at a higher level in the games that I’m skilled at and play recreationally anyways,” said Frost.

Trevor Berneking, director of the E-Sports program, said it’s nice to see students take an interest in the program.

“It’s a great avenue. Especially during these times for students to still be active, to be engaged, and to try something different,” said Trevor Berneking, E-Sports Director.

Frost said he’s excited to see the program continue to grow and add more players.

“It’s treated the exact same as an athletic sport. And I think that’s how esports should be handled. Broadcasting wise, playing-wise, commitment wise as well. So, it’s something to be involved with on campus. Something you can take seriously and a huge avenue for a lot of students, that it wasn’t a potential avenue before this year,” said Frost.

Berneking said they hope to continue to get BVU’s name out in the esports world and compete in more leagues in 2021.

Source: ktiv.com

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