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The knockout stage of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship has been going for three days so far, with some solid matches and only one 3-0 blowout. But tomorrow’s match between G2 Esports and Gen.G will undoubtedly be the best of the lot, and you need to be watching it, despite the early start. 

So far we have seen Korean team Damwon Gaming defeat regional rivals DRX 3-0, Chinese squad Suning take down their regional rivals JD Gaming 3-1 and an epic series between European team Fnatic and Chinese squad Top Esports that ended 3-2 to Top Esports, sending fan favourites Fnatic home earlier than they would have liked. 

While the Fnatic vs Top clash was one of the best matches we have seen at Worlds 2020 so far, there is no doubt that the match between G2 Esports and Gen.G has the potential to be even better. G2 are the best team from Europe in the competition but looked a little less confident than you would expect in the group stage. Gen.G on the other hand is the third seed from Korea but as one of if not the strongest region in the world that does not mean they should be overlooked at all. 

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G2 managed to avoid all three Korean teams in the group stage, so this will be the first time they have officially faced off against a team from that region this season. They have no doubt scrimmed against the Korean teams, but for us fans watching at home it will be a completely new match up to us, with two teams from two very different leagues competing. 

We can, of course, look to Fnatic one again for a bit of an idea as to how this match could go. G2 and Fnatic are considered to be very evenly matched in the European scene, with G2 just edging out Fnatic in the Summer Split final. Fnatic was drawn into Group C at Worlds, alongside Gen.G. The teams went even in their two matchups, each winning one game. The matches between these two were pretty entertaining and showed some of the highest quality play we have seen. 

So with Gen.G already proving to have close matches with top European teams, and G2 coming into its first match with a Korean team, you can be sure there will be some fireworks when they meet up. There is a very good chance that whoever wins this match will make it at least to the final of Worlds, if not take the whole thing. With so much on the line, and the quality of the two teams competing you need to be watching this match tomorrow. 

The match will kick off at 6 am Eastern on October 18, with the possibility of a full five games meaning it could easily run until midday. The whole thing will be broadcast free of charge on Twitch and YouTube, with the English language casters operating remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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