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In a recent tweet posted by Javier Zafra of Fnatic E-Sports, Dardo_lol, which is the official handle of the LOL director of the Fnatic Team he mentions some recent changes to the Fnatic roster

Fnatic even though does not make news most of the time of the year, definitely have found itself in a Media s**tstorm after a misinterpretation of the tweet and an interview from a company executive at League of Legends Worlds. The Executive in Question is Javier Zafra, also known as Dardo LOL.

FNC_Upset was an integral part of the Fnatic teams journey towards LOL the World Championships for the year 2021. After multiple tours were cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, a lot of teams came back strong because of long and hard practice in the solo queues. Even though Fantic did not make much news since Pandemic norms were put into pro-circuit tourneys, a tweet from DARDO-LOL, who is Executive of the Fnatic Esports team, has drawn massive attention from the worldwide community.

Dardo_ lol mentioned in his tweet about the possibility of FNC_Upset not being able to continue playing as a representative of the Fnatic(FNC) team in the League of Legends The World Championships. A lot of people from the Community have misread from the lines and speculating about Mid-season roster changes due to internal dispute between Upset and Fnatic Executives.

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Dardo_Lol retweets against a speculative tweet that seemed to try to tarnish Fnatic E-Sports Team as an Organisation

If the latter scene happens, which is speculated at the time is 100% true, we shall see some massive activity from the Gaming community as a whole. It will yet be another Executive decision oversight, that we have seen so many times, have destroyed careers of budding Professional gamers over years. It is like corporate plague camouflaged as Tweet.

But if what Dardo_lol mentions is true, there might be some serious problems in his family. The details have been withheld at the moment and there is no official statement from FNC_Upset’s side at the moment. So, there is a chance this is all speculation. But Bean, who recently joined Fnatic teams training camp as backstage role, has been asked to step in.

Only time shall reveal the true nature of the current events and till then, the gaming community is trying in its best ability to see through the situation and find out what is right.

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