Sentinels wins Masters Reykjavik

They won the title against Fnatic with a score of 3-0.

After a long journey, the winner has been chosen for the Masters Reykjavik VCT 2021. The team that won the right to heft up the trophy is Sentinels , who defeated Fnatic in a nail-biting match that saw two overtimes and not a single map drop by the team from North America.

The match saw Sentinels coming out from the gate essentially taking charge of the play, like every other time they have been on this competition. Even from round 1, we can see that Sentinel ha it in the bag. However, Fnatic gave them a very hard time to win that trophy as all three maps, Fnatic pushed and pushed the NA team to the limit. Alas. The lads from London have to be happy with second place.

Tyson “TenZ-” Ngo was truly the MVP, with many kills and clutches that he either contributed to or took for the team. Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan however brought the team together as the IGL, and eventually the win. 

Sentinels did not lose a single map throughout their journey to this Grand Final in Reykjavik – even in the group stages. It shows how good as a team they are. The question is – will TenZ stay with Sentinels, or will he go back to Cloud9 after this.

With this win, Sentinels bags the first prize of $200,000, along with 400 points to the Champions event at the end of the year. Fnatic did not go home empty handed, as they got themselves $100,000 and 350 points to their tally.

The next Masters will happen in Berlin, scheduled to be held in September. VALORANT teams around the world will take part in a new round of Challengers to get themselves a chance to be in Berlin in Q3 this year.


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