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The Fortnite and Esports championship is now recognized as an official school sport in the United States and its high schools and colleges. Epic Games and sports organizer PlayVS have announced that this popular game has now received six official conferences for American school competitions. Each conference will hold its own championships to select the winner who then enters the national playoffs.

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Competitors from the college will have only one competition with the national championship from which the best gamers will be chosen. Registrations began this February and playing in championships and conferences will count as sports activities during the school year.

Analysts believe that this is important news for the further expansion of eSports competitions, as Fortnite players will get a significant infrastructure in the organization of their competitions and the promotion of all activities.

And, we aren’t surprised, we know what amount of popularity eSports got in the last few years and how much money circulates around big tournaments. However, no matter how much we love eGames, we’d like to stress one thing. It seems to us that games, no matter how popular they are, still can’t completely replace real sports because the sport is necessary for people, especially young people.

But eSports is also good especially given that professional gamers take care of their shape and health a lot. They even go to the gym and practice a diet full of useful foodstuffs. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to endure the high tempo of playing games and stress that comes with it.

Fortnite vs Counter-Strike

Esports is so popular that even former professional football players switched to the virtual arena. Some are involved in it while still pursuing active careers. Gareth Bale, Ronaldinho, Mesut Özil, and Ruud Gullit or some of the ex and current football stars who established their own eSport organizations.

One of the ways for athletes to enter the world of playing sports online is to comment on games. It can serve as a way of getting acquainted with the industry, which three players from West Ham United took advantage of. Robert Snodgrass, Ryan Fredericks, and Andriy Yarmolenko were invited to a studio in London from which the BLAST Premier league, Spring 2020: Regular season, of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was broadcast by partners Betway.

The trio of footballers had a chance to learn commenting tricks from a famous eSports caster Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat and then come in front of the microphone to show their casting skills. Well, not all of them, as Ukrainian Yarmolenko only stood aside and cheered… it’s better to say that he LOL’d at his teammates’ attempts to explain well-known CS: GO moves such as Coldzera “Jumping Double AWP” and Happy Deagle ace on Inferno.

Let’s get back to the story of Fortnite. What pro players of this game have been craving for years is the passion CS: GO players and fans have. Whoever spoke to a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan knows how seriously they take the game. It isn’t that Fortnite gamers aren’t all focused to win, but CS: GO players… they are in it to win, whether competitive matchmaking or Wingman and Danger Zone. Their undying love for the game is something that Fortnite pro players miss from, let’s say, Epic Games’ battle royale.

There’s Hope for Fortnite Players

Fortnite pro players believe that way of recruiting CS: GO’s rising players and strong competitive scene are all rounded up with the love for the game by its player base who lives and breathes it in a highly competitive sense.

Maybe, entering the school population as the official sport will help Fortnite get what’s “missing”. But does this mean that basketball and football will slowly become a relic of some bygone times? Let’s talk in, let’s say, ten years and see where we’re at…

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