Wintry Treasure added to the game as part of the seasonal Dota Plus update

Valve implemented the Winter Season update for Dota Plus Subscribers and added a new music pack available for purchase by all players.

Dota Plus Winter Update comes, as every season, with a new treasure, this time containing item sets for Spirit Breaker, Chaos Knight, Riki, Treant Protector, Arc Warden, Undying, and Lina. The treasure also has a very rare chance to drop a Bionic Birdie courier equipped with random prismatic and kinetic gems.

Dota Plus quests have been reset, which means that the subscribers have now a new chance at gathering up to 115,200 shards over the course of the season. The Guild rewards have been switched as well and for this season they are as follows:


  •  Emoticon – invoker_dry
  •  Emoticon – luna_rage
  • Emoticon – manta


  • Spray – Spirit Breaker Choo Choo
  •  Spray – Lion Laugh
  • Spray – Undying RIP


  • Chat Wheel – “Absolutely Perfect”
  • Chat Wheel – “Как же это сочно, ах!”
  • Chat Wheel – “漂~ 亮!”

With the same update, Valve added a heavy metal music pack composed by Humanity’s Last Breath, which “brings a brutal edge to the soundscape of battle.” The pack can be purchased for $4.99 regardless of having a Dota Plus subscription or not.

Additionally, the game developer gave a few details on the awaited Battle Pass, which is now promised to arrive “in the next few weeks” filled with winter holiday-themed content.


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